Andy is one of the hosts of the Apologetics Canada Podcast ("The AC Podcast"), a weekly conversation offering a Christian perspective on current events and cultural trends.


Gospel Identity: A Story of TRANSformation with Kyla Gillespie
Published 9/28/2023 in Apologetics Canada
In today's society, the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment often hinges on crafting our sexual identity. But what happens when this promise falls short? Join us as we delve into Kyla's transformative journey, challenging the contemporary narrative. Moving from a transgender identity to finding profound transformation through the gospel, her story illuminates the power of anchoring one's identity in Jesus and His church.read more ❯
Rekindled Faith: An Interview with Melanie Beerda
Published 9/22/2023 in Apologetics Canada
Many people struggle to understand who God is, and this struggle often leads them to resent Him and His church. When we wear the label of Christian, we represent the God we serve, and we are responsible for representing Him well. In this week's episode, Troy sits down with Melanie Beerda, one of AC's newest adjunct speakers, for a conversation about the rekindling of faith and how we must fight to not let circumstance snuff out a true passion for Christ.read more ❯
Who We Are: Defined by Colossians 3:15
Published 9/15/2023 in Apologetics Canada
The Apostle Paul's ministry is widely recognized for its attention and call to the organization and unity of the church. Notably we see Paul wrote his Epistle to the Colossians because of a report that they were falling into serious error. Specifically in Colossians 3:15, we are reminded that we are one "Body" which we are still welcomed into thousands of years later. On this week's episode Andy, Steve and Troy take a direct look at the passage of Colossians 3:15 and what it means to be apart of the family of Christ.read more ❯
Reconstruction with John Marriot, author of Set Adrift.
Published 9/8/2023 in Apologetics Canada
North America has entered the grips of a culture war that has intensified beyond what anyone could have imagined. The culture wars have challenged many to question Christianity and ultimately deconstruct their foundational beliefs in God and themselves. With significant numbers of people leaving the church, we all have stories of the casualties. How do we stay hopeful and compassionately help the spiritually wounded to re-construct a solid foundation of faith? Join Andy Steiger and special guest John Marriott as they discuss deconstruction on this episode of the AC podcast. read more ❯
Grief, Guilt, and Regret: Moving Beyond Our Mistakes
Published 9/1/2023 in Apologetics Canada
Troy, Wes, and Steve delve deep into the themes of grief, guilt, and regret, drawing parallels between the responses of Judas and Peter to their denials of Jesus. Exploring the nuanced emotions and consequences faced by these two figures they shed light on the contrasting paths they took. How do we deal with our mistakes? By examining these biblical examples of human frailty that provide a roadmap for moving beyond the shadows of our own regrets.read more ❯

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