Andy is one of the hosts of the Apologetics Canada Podcast ("The AC Podcast"), a weekly conversation offering a Christian perspective on current events and cultural trends.


Prosperity Gospel vs. Poverty Gospel
Published 2/3/2023 in Apologetics Canada
Without naming names, the prosperity gospel and the "health and wealth" community have some very clear figure heads at the front of that doctrine. However there is another side of the spectrum that needs to be considered which often goes unnoticed. It's none other than that of the poverty gospel. This argument as to whether Jesus promises to make us rich or if the most devout believer should live in ash and sackcloth, have left a chasm of opinion. Is there a problem with preachers in sneakers or is it a soul issue? Listen to Andy, Steve and Troy as they share their thoughts.read more ❯
Doomsday Clock: “Jesus is Coming, Look Busy!”
Published 1/27/2023 in Apologetics Canada
Jesus is coming, look... busy? Stressed? Coming off the back of a large environmental meeting called the World Economic Forum, the symbol of man made catastrophe, the "Doomsday clock has been ticking down the seconds to nuclear apocalypse for three-quarters of a century. It has since been set backward eight times and forward 17 times for a total of 25, the farthest from midnight being 17 minutes in 1991, and the nearest being 90 seconds, set on January 24, 2023. As of 2007, what added to list of criteria for the changing of the clock include environmentalism. Listen as Andy, Steve and Troy discuss the concerning similarities between Christian and Secular worldviews regarding "the end of the days." read more ❯
From FBI Agent to Founder of GoodTube: An Interview with Chris Gonzales
Published 1/19/2023 in Apologetics Canada
The internet can be a vast and wonderful source of information, entertainment, education and... entrapment? Among the variety of societal burdens the pandemic exposed, one of most prevalent is the use of Youtube. Both creators and consumers seem to be leaving the usual sources of entertainment and flocking to the social media site. One category in particular is our kids. Is Youtube equivalent to a park in the middle of an 8 lane highway? Listen as Andy Steiger sits down with former FBI agent, turned Good Tube Kids founder, Chris Gonzales; as they discuss what caused an FBI agent to put down the badge and pick up his staff. read more ❯
The Ultimate Companion?: BMW’s Vision of a Digital Soul
Published 1/13/2023 in Apologetics Canada
BMW recently unveiled its newest concept car called the BMW I Vision Dee. Among a plethora of incredible features such as it's colour changing ability, augmented reality windows and the fact that.."she" talks. There are definitely some red flags that have driven themselves into view. Buckle up as Andy, Steve and Troy discuss the implications of a vehicle with a Digital Soul, and where this drive towards the Digital Emotional Experience could really be taking us.read more ❯
Social Media and the Gospel: An Interview with Isaac David
Published 1/6/2023 in Apologetics Canada
Content creation has taken the social media world by storm. At one point we logged into our socials to chat with family and friends, watch fail videos or our dear Aunt’s noodle casserole. However in the last 5 years it has become the go-to place for information, DIY projects and for some... the gospel. The questions that come up however, are how do we know what’s healthy, who are these people, and how do they get so popular? Join Troy as he sits down with viral Christian Content creator, Isaac David as they talk about the importance of going from a mere consumer of content, to a “Daily Disciple” of Jesus.read more ❯

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