Andy is one of the hosts of the Apologetics Canada Podcast ("The AC Podcast"), a weekly conversation offering a Christian perspective on current events and cultural trends.


How to Have a Healthy Biblical Hermeneutic (Pt. 1)
Published 6/2/2023 in Apologetics Canada
On this episode, join Troy, Steve and Wes as they delve into the topic of developing a healthy biblical hermeneutic. Unraveling the art of interpretation, we explore the some of the fundamental elements for interpreting the bible, but also how to navigate some of the hang ups. read more ❯
Oneness Pentecostal Pastor: Why I Left
Published 5/26/2023 in Apologetics Canada
On this episode of the AC podcast, Andy Steiger sat down with friend David Drysdale to discuss David's journey out of Oneness Pentecostalism. Given that David was pastoring a Oneness church, this was not an easy decision to make. There's a lot to learn from David's encounter with the fruit of truth and what fidelity to the truth can cost you. read more ❯
The Ethics of AI: Outsourcing Our Humanity
Published 5/19/2023 in Apologetics Canada
ChatGPT is bringing AI into the spotlight of cultural dialogue again. Some are excited about its potential, as it gives us a sandbox where we can create whatever our imaginations tell us. Others are less enthused, invoking images from dystopian sci-fi movies like The Terminator. Further, as technology develops at break-neck speed, our laws are playing catch-up. Andy, Steve, and Troy met virtually this week to discuss some of the pitfalls of AI that we should be mindful of.read more ❯
Real Housewives of AC: The Mother’s Day Takeover Part 2: Keeping the Fervor of Faith
Published 5/12/2023 in Apologetics Canada
It's the Mother's Day takeover Part 2! For the second time, the AC Podcast will be hosted by special guests, Jasmine Lydiate, Melissa Huff and AC's very own Nancy Steiger. Tune into this week's episode as they ladies discuss keeping the fervor of faith in motherhood! read more ❯
Disagreement Doesn’t Equal Dehumanization
Published 5/5/2023 in Apologetics Canada
"My humanity is not up for debate." This statement, often made by activists, comes in recognition of the serious nature of dehumanization. When we fail to see the humanity of others, we can do horrible things to one another. At the same time, this statement has many layers of ideas behind it. What is human? What is dehumanization? What is the relationship between our actions and our identity? Andy, Steve, and Wes sat down together to unpack these ideas in this week's episode of the AC Podcast. read more ❯

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