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Andy Steiger is the founder and president of Apologetics Canada Ministries (AC). He passionately engages pressing issues related to our humanity from a Christian perspective. He has presented at various venues such as Cambridge University on philosophical issues related to Artificial Intelligence, provided ethical guidelines on robotics for the United Nations, and addressed legal concerns over rights of conscience at the World Congress in Philosophy of Law.

Andy has published widely from children’s books to the Supreme Court Law Review. His most recent book, Reclaimed: How Jesus Restores Our Humanity in a Dehumanized World was awarded runner up to evangelistic resource of the year. Andy is known for making complex theological and philosophical ideas understandable through the art of storytelling as seen in AC’s video resources. The Human Project video series debuted at film festivals around the world and won a number of awards including Best Short Film and People's Choice. Recently released is BRANDED: A Series on Identity which is now available on RightNow Media. Between his 20 years of pastoral experience and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Andy brings both experience and research to his work.

Andy currently lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, with his wife, Nancy, and their two sons. Most weekends you’ll find the Steigers in the mountains or lakes of BC.


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Latest Podcasts

The Church of Psychedelics
Published 3/1/2024 in Apologetics Canada
The popularity of psychedelics in the West, particularly in the pursuit of spiritual experiences, is only becoming more and more popular. For this week’s podcast Wes interviews Will Do, who grew up in a Buddhist household in Toronto and ended up later in his life following several New Age practices – including the partaking of several psychedelic substances. Will’s desire to find truth ultimately led him out of the New Age and hallucinogenic substances and into following the one who is The more ❯
Lowkey Racism
Published 2/23/2024 in Apologetics Canada
February is a month popularized by celebrating Black History Month. As such, we decided it would be appropriate to have an episode discussing the complexities of racism. From the portrayal of diversity in antiquity to modern jokes based on cultural identifiers, the need for gentleness can't be understated. In this week's episode the podcast team of Troy, Andy Steve and Wes seek to look at the biblical grounding for diversity while sharing their experiences with more ❯
Top 50: The Church and Global Persecution
Published 2/16/2024 in Apologetics Canada
It’s easy for us to let our immediate church context define what the Church (capital “C”) looks like around the world. This is particularly so for those of us who live in a country where being a Christian is relatively easy. Today, Apologetics Canada brings you an eye-opening interview. Listen in on the conversation Steve had with Rev. Gary Stagg, the Executive Director of Open Doors Canada. They discussed Open Door’s 2024 World Watchlist, an annual list produced by Open Doors to rank the top 50 most dangerous countries to be a Christian. They talk about several notable countries mentioned on the list, and what is going on for the churches in those countries. read more ❯
Out of the Ashes: Uncovering History with A.I.
Published 2/9/2024 in Apologetics Canada
Buried, burnt, and bygone. An entire library of ancient scrolls was buried under the ash and lava of Mt. Vesuvius in the city of Herculaneum, a Roman village less than 20km from the famous city of Pompei. But with some amazing new technology, these scrolls are being unrolled (digitally at least) and we can peer through the charred ash and carbon to read them for the first time in nearly 2000 years. Wes, Andy, and Troy get together on this week’s podcast to talk about the Herculaneum papyri and other advances in technology that have an impact on helping us have confidence in the historical evidence of the Bible. read more ❯

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